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World Horse Picks

We deployed our proprietary horse racing models to the major international horse racing races  including but not limited to USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Chile, Singapore, India, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

We are now providing our first level model output picking some horses with high winning probability on each race (normally 4 horses) to the public. We provide our picks on more than 95% of races over the world and we will keep updating our horse picks until the races start. Note that the race time shown in all of the international races are in UK (London) time zone. 


Our horse pick is structured as below. 

Pricing and Payment

Subscription Period: 1 Month

Monthly Price (USD)
Japan33Buy Now
United States33Buy Now
Hong Kong22Buy Now
Australia18Buy Now
France20Buy Now
United Kingdom & Ireland30Buy Now
*Other18Buy Now
*Other countries include but not limited to South Africa, Chile, Singapore, India, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

Payment will be charged in monthly basis. After making the subscription, you can go to our member menu to register an account and you can access to our Horse Pick in our Members area  in 24 hours. The service will automatically be renewed every month but you can make a cancellation request within 5 days since your next renewal day.

(We are maintaining Quant Research. This service is temporarily not available.)

Terms & Conditions

Please note that all of the materials presented in Horse Pick are for personal usage only. You need to comply with our Terms.