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Horse Racing Business Package Overview

Duration: 8-10 months

We will help you set up a quantitative modeling team in horse racing. This package includes all of our documents, scripts, data, models and betting methodologies. All of our deliverables are specific to Hong Kong horse racing market.

If you want to set up the betting business for Hong Kong horse racing market, you may just subscribe our full package and follow our guidance. If you want to establish your horse racing business in other markets like USA, Australia, United Kingdom or Japan, you may treat our delivery as a reference and apply them to your targeted markets. Furthermore, if you are already running a horse racing team and you want to enhance/improve your business, you may consider subscribing the individual section.


Before subscribing our package, you need to have 1-2 people with below knowledge and background.

  1. At least a Bachelor/Master degree in quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Mathematics or Computer Science.

  2. Solid programming in Python, R and MySQL.

  3. Familiar with Linux system and shell script.

We will send our deliverables to them/you every week and you need to make sure that they understand every single line of our code/at least the logic before moving into the next part. You can freely ask our questions until understanding everything before moving on.

Package Details

You will be given an instruction manual about the hardware and software specification.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

This part includes all of our scrapping scripts and historical data, which are cleaned and ready for modeling. You will learn and be familiar with the relationship between different data sources, racing schedule, racing rules, handling misleading data, how to manipulate data in a modeling sense, what may happen to the Jockey/horse before the race and the discrepancy between pre-race and post-race data. You will also know how to update and organize data in an efficient way.

Core data are as follows.

  1. Horse result page (since year 2003)

  2. Race card (since year 2006)

  3. Marginal sectional data (since year 2008)

  4. Trackwork (since year 2006)

  5. Sick history (since year 2006)

  6. Odds data (since year 2019)

Furthermore, in horse racing business, there are horse racing experts for different markets. You need to subscribe their data individually. We will teach you how to use their data and the fundamental concepts of horse racing experts’ data.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

This part includes all of the basic factors in horse racing business. You need to develop something to be comparable to the public first. You may expect the total number of deliverable factors in this section are roughly from 40 to 50.

Core fundamental factors are as follows.

  1. Historical Performance

  2. Marginal Sectional information

  3. Jockey & horse fundamentals

  4. Barrier position

  5. Exercise Factors

Duration: 4-6 weeks

This part includes all of the advanced factors which would probably deliver advantages higher than the public believes. You may expect the total number of deliverable factors in this section are roughly from 20 to 30.

Core advanced factors are as follows.

  1. Pace

  2. New Horse factors

  3. Preference factors

  4. Health conditions

  5. Domain changes factors

Duration: 4 weeks

This part includes all of the high level factors which are formulated by advanced research methodologies. You may expect the total number of deliverable factors in this section are roughly from 10 to 20.

Supreme factors are as follows.

  1. Relative strength

  2. Information implied from the Odds

  3. Bias correction

  4. Proprietary factors

Duration: 4-8 weeks

This part is our proprietary statistical model, which generate the probability of below common 9 bet types.

  1. Win

  2. Place

  3. Quinella

  4. Forecast

  5. Quinella place

  6. Trio

  7. Trifecta/Tiece

  8. First Four

  9. Quartet

We developed our proprietary statistical model, which cannot be found elsewhere. Our model is not a standard package or module built in any analytic software. We derive everything from scratch which is tailor-made for horse racing. We will teach you how to calibrate model parameters and suggest performance metrics in the modeling aspect. You will also know how to avoid over-fitting and incorporate useful information to the model.

Duration: 4 weeks

We will teach you our proprietary methods on selecting potential bets and how to allocate the capital. Some highlights of our approach

  1. Making a balance between the public belief and model estimate.

  2. Optimize the future expected return.

  3. Capital allocation with a practical distribution.

We will demonstrate how to automate the bet placing process in Hong Kong Jockey Club website.

Final Stage

After finishing all of the sections, your team now have a comprehensive business model for horse racing. Next, your teams need to keep researching below

  1. Acquiring experts data (as many as you can) and develop related factors.

  2. Keep adding your custom factors as you have the full infrastructure for development.

  3. Depending on the market you trade and the platform you use, you should incorporate the rebate percentage to your back testing.

  4. Perform feature engineering mangling our factors and experts’ factors.

  5. Recalibrate all of the parameters.

You should hire 1-2 researchers doing so. Based on our experience, the whole set-up above would typically save you many years and many PhD researchers before finding a profitable model. Try to imagine, without our package, normally a horse racing start-up company need to hire people in handling data, factors, models and betting strategies with significant time cost (4-6 years) and hiring cost (USD 3m at least).

Please note that if you choose subscribing the individual section, you will not get all of our historical data but some sample data for illustration purpose. If you choose subscribing our full package, you will start from Section 1 – Data Preparation. You can decide whether you should go to the next section after finishing this initial data preparation section. You don’t need to pay the full package fee, you can subscribe and pay for the section one by one. Please note that as we keep developing and enhancing the whole business process, all of the sections mentioned may be subject to change.


Price (USD)
Section 1
Data Preparation
Section 2Fundamental Factors Formulation
Section 3Advanced Factors Formulation
Section 4Supreme Factors FormulationPlease contact us
Section 5Model
Section 6Betting Strategies
Section 7Automation

Please use your corporate emails to contact for subscription or enquiry.

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