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Horse Racing Modeling Course

Duration: 12 hrs

Horse racing modeling has long been a mystery to the public for many years. We designed a horse racing modeling short course to let you get familiar with how professional horse racing syndicates model horse racing. You will know the infrastructure of the full modeling cycle and have the ability to quantify your views in the modeling sense. No programming knowledge is required as we will guide you step by step and provide you with clear and numerical examples. We will explain every abstract concept in layman’s terms. No lengthy and complicated paragraphs, symbols and formula. After acquiring the knowledge, you may apply the skills learned to your local horse racing. The key areas covered are as follow.

Who should join?

  1. You are new but interested in horse racing gambling.
  2. You want to learn the whole trading cycle of the professional horse racing syndicates.
  3. You always have ideas about picking the potential combinations but don’t know how to quantify and back testing your views.
  4. You do make some profit in horse racing but your return is not consistent.
  5. You want to push your racing experience to a quantitative level.
  6. You have no ideas on using the Odds data.
  7. You learned quantitative subjects but don’t know how to use them.

Course Outline

This course is composed of 4 core elements. We provide you with detailed study notes, sample data, sample model and scripts (Python and Excel templates). If you don’t know how to use Python, you may skip the coding section but just read our description. Please do remember that this short course is different from our business package. You need to modify our samples and develop your own factors/views, to fit your personal needs. Every element here is flexible to be modified and enhanced.

Please note that this is NOT a video course.  Study notes and programming codes are provided.

Duration: 3 hrs

You will learn

  1. the core data in horse racing.
  2. the cautions and traps in data cleaning.
  3. how to organize data in an efficient way.
  4. how to build factors with some sample factors.



  1. DataAnalytics_FactorDevelopment.pdf
  2. trackwork_sample.csv
  4. data_sample.csv

Duration: 4 hrs

You will know how to

  1. install Python.
  2. incorporate yours views/factors to a machine learning model.
  3. fit, calibrate and apply model.
  4. model in a probability sense.
  5. measure the goodness of model fitting.
  6. visualize your results.



  1. Model_Development.pdf
  3. sample_training_data.csv
  4. sample_testing_data.csv


Duration: 2 hrs

You will learn

  1. the construction of dividends and odds.

  2. how to express the pool size in a probability measure.

  3. how to find individual pool size given limited information.

  4. some tips on building odds related factors.



  1. Odds.pdf
  2. Odds_example.xlsx


Duration: 3 hrs

You will know

  1. how to gain comparative advantage over your competitors.

  2. which useful odds you should use.

  3. how to mingle the model learned in previous section to construct the betting strategies.

  4. a scientific way to calculate the betting amount of individual bet.



  1. Betting_Strategies.pdf
  2. Betting_Strategies_example.xlsx


Pricing and Payment

Price (USD)
Section 1: Data Analytics & Factors Development88Buy Now
Section 2: Model Development98Buy Now
Section 3: Odds78Buy Now
Section 4: Betting Strategies95Buy Now
All-in-One: Section 1 - Section 4323Buy Now

Note that

  1. as we are doing promotion in some countries, if you have the coupon code, please click “Apply” to refresh the new price.
  2. you can download the course materials at the bottom of the checkout result page after making your payment.
  3. you can ask us any questions related to the course materials within 6 months after your purchase. We will try our best to help you understand the content.
  4. apart from credit card payment, we also accept cryptocurrency payment (USDT equivalent). You may email us for our wallet address.

Please contact, if you encountered any problems.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that all of the course materials in this course are for personal usage only. You need to comply with our Terms.